Is the 24-bit version worth it?

Not sure wich version to buy

I’m about to buy n-track so i’m a newbie. This question has probably been asked before but I was just wondering if it’s really worth it to pay the $75 version of n-track to access 24-bit specs? I have a sound card that support 24-bit (Audigy 2 zs). Will i really see (or hear) a difference? Thanks! :)

IMO? Yes it’s worth it. More headroom, less driver/registration hassle etc. I had the 16 bit license but immediately upgraded when I got a 24 bit soundcard. Not only does the new card sound better, it is easier to set levels and not sweat so much about over driving anything. You can set things lower to minimize the chance of a transient clip ruining a good take yet still have excellent resolution. Bits… the more the merrier IMO. :D



Like Diogenes said, you don’t have to sweat setting record levels perfectly. (You still have to manage record levels, but you don’t have to worry about getting within 3 or 6 dB of zero on a recording. 12 or 18 dB is fine.)

Another matter is that, at 16 bits, it’s very important to carefully set up your system (record levels, etc) so that the optimum recording range of the soundcard inputs closely matches the optimum range of your analog gear, such as a mixer and/or mic preamps. This is not an easy task to do or describe. With 24-bit recording, you set up your analog chain to do its best and just capture it in the soundcard and you’re good. No worrying about the compromises.

And most folks say the resulting mixes sound considerably better. I don’t think my ears are good enough to tell, though. Or perhaps I’m not to that level as an engineer where the difference matters.

But the extra $25 bucks is well spent, no regrets, and the first $50 to allow digital mixdowns and get rid of nag screens is well worth it.