Is there a current list of Keyboard commands?

I keep finding references on thie forum to keyboard commands that I did not know were available in n_Track.
Has anyone got a list or is it published somewhere and I didn’t look in the right place?

We need one. Go for it!

Well . . .actually, I thought that was something yoou would want to do. You are So Qualified, So Clever, I would not presume to try such a daunting task with your abilities available :)

Actually, as you might have guessed - I don’t know many keyboard commands. :whistle:

Flavio has someone doing the manual update so let’s let HIM do it.

Alessandro De Murtas - Graphic design and Users Guide - chop chop Al!

"Al mano fredda"

Is this OUR AL?

The Help file is HTML I think. Impossible to search for items within it. I does have some commands but it spread out through the document. The Help file needs to have a search function, broken into categories like other help files typically used in other programs.

Merry X-mas Everybody,


Just a ctrl+f for find and type what you want to search html.

AL will get it done.

I tend to agree with PACO. It should be more like a “standard” help file or a PDF document.
BTW I tried a search for “Keyboard commands” and got no hits.
A search for Keyboard yeilds on page. The F3 search is another keyboard command that a lot of people do not know - remember, this is the age of Microsoft and its desire to takeover all the functions of the computer - add another layer between the user and the workings of the program. (It is surprising howmany things can be done if Windows if you can find, or know, Run commands)
The keyboard commands in n_Track, adding a keypress to a click, etc. add wonderful functions to the programs. Most of them I have stumbled on, or found out about on this forum.
My request: have the Manual and Help file include a sections designated for Keyboard commands, and also included under that designation where they are applied.

My request is to get Alessandro De Murtas on line here in the forum.

Unfortunately Alessandro hasn’t been working on the n-Track manual for a while, I think he’s more focused on guitar playing than anything else, and I can’t blame him. He’s listed in the credits because he did the bulk of the original work on the user guide.
I’ll update the user guide with a keyboard shortcuts topic (there is currently a “Keyboard Layout” topic but is quite outdated).


Count me in for some help then Flavio - you should have someone doing this kind of thing.

I’ve compiled a list of keystroke commands - anyone want to help me define them for n-Track 6 ?

Let me know.