Is there a way to mixdown a VSTi's outputs

I’m using EZ drummer, and while my PC can handle it I’m curious if there is a way to mixdown it’s multiple outputs to multiple wav’s? For example, I can choose to send the Bass Drum to “Track 1” the Snare to “Track 2” etc. I then get separate tracks that appear in the mixer, but not the timeline or the mixdown tracks list. I want to render each “Track” to it’s own separate wav file. The only way I can see how to do that so far is to mute each drum “Track” and mixdown the file. That means I’ll have to mixdown 8 tracks to get the drums though. Not the most efficient by any means. It’d be a really cool feature if I could mix the VSTi’s individual outputs to individual tracks with a few clicks. Their is a MIDI to Wav option in n-Track but it only works for cards with built in MIDI or you have to physically hook up the output to the input of your soundcard. Now because I have an 8 channel sound card I could conceivably do that, but that’s a pain in the arse.

first - direct(output to) each track to a different channel on your soundcard -

on MIXDOWN panel “UNTICK” PROCESS MASTER TRACK - then in lower right (green text) data box select STEREO WAVE FOR EACH OUTPUT - mixdown and you will have a seperate wave file for eack output -

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Is there anything you can’t do
with this program?
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