is there a way to send to multiple outs

or send to several Aux channels

I am trying to set up my MOTU 8 channel so that I can listed to the playback of several people adding tracks to already recorded bed tracks. Each head phone mix has a separate MOTU out. I can hear all of the mics in from the MOTU, but I cannot hear the prerecorded tracks. I need to send the n-Tracks output of the already recorded tracks to each different Out on the MOTU.
As far as I can tell I can select several Outputs in n-Track but I cannot figure how to hear more than one channel at a time.
Example: I have a pre-recorded music on track 1.
I am recording new tracks on channels 2, 3, 4. I need to send the prerecorded playback 1 to tracks either 5,6,7,8 so that each singer can hear every track and prerecorded track 1 while I am recording from tracks 2,3,4.
If any of this made sense and you have an answer please help.

Can I assign output to more than one channell?"

Hi Bax,
yes, you can assign output to more than one channel.
You have to use Aux channels and send function. The procedure is different if you need to route a stereo pair output or a mono output.

- Create the track you need to route: Track 1.
- Show track mixer and add a new send from Track 1 stripe ("+" button).
- Now, from track mixer, you have to rise up the aux fader that you see in the Master stripes. If you rise up the aux fader in the first Master, the Track 1 will be routed to output 1/2. If rise up the fader of second master stripe, Track 1 will be route to output 3/4, etc. etc.

- Create the track you need route: Track 1.
- Create two aux channel: Aux1, Aux2 and, from track mixer, pan all to left the Aux1 and pan all to right the Aux2
- Show track mixer and add two new send from Track 1 stripe ("+" button). Route the first send to Aux1 and the second one to Aux2
- Now, every Master stripes in mixer displays two Aux fader: the first one for the first channel of the stereo pair output, the second one for the second channel of stereo pair output. So, if you rise up the first aux of Master1 the Track 1 will be route to Output 1. If you rise up the second fader of Master 2, the Track 2 will be route to Output 4, etc. etc.


Thanks Marco.
I may have figured out what you are telling me. Although I was not successful yet because of problems with my MOTU setup. Something overloaded the computer. So I am starting over with a new installation and no players to try it out.
Some additional questions:
I get at least One Aux channel on the mixer when I open the mixer. So, Aux 1 is already there. Right? Is that a default?
How do I remove an Aux once it is created? I clicked on the Title box and get a notice that prosperities is going to be displayed - this worked once. Now when I click on it move the mouse to track 1.
There is a windows that has the boxes that select the Chanel Strip to display at the far left of the screen. It has disappeared - how do I turn that box on? I there another way to select which channel strip is displayed?
The width of the Aux is equal to about 2 1/2 fader stripes. Same for each additional out. It would be great is we could change Outs and/or Aux to strips with faders instead of the knob setup. If I am adding several Aux sends to several outputs the Mixer windows very wide and very tall. I am trying to run only 4 Aux and 4 outs. (plus I never liked the knob setup for the master channel. I like to have it all strips.

Hi Bax,

there should be a small X next to the aux channel title bar, in the very upper right corner of the aux section on the mixer.
Also you can display the aux and master channels as vertical strips in the mixer right clicking on the mixer window and unchecking the ‘Horizontal master and auxs’ option in the Layout submenu.


Thanks for the assistance.
Once again Ntrack has a way figured out so I can accomplish what I want to do.
:love: :D