is there still a student discount?

i dont have enough to spend, and i am a poor jobless college student… somone told me i could get a student discount, i am thinking about pawning my old bass and practice amp as i dont use them any more, and then i would have enough but i really wanted to use that money to get a sm57
ive been recording on ntracks for about a year and have almost an album of material, now i just need to mix it all down and finalize it

Can’t say that I’ve ever heard of a student discount for n-Track, seeing as how it’s one of the least expensive multi-tracking softwares out there.
Maybe with the holidays coming up, you may be fortunate enough to get hooked up with the $50 to $80 required to register.
However, by no means would I endorse that fact of someone circumventing the demo’s limitations but …
If you are really that hard up for money and possible sales of your material would allow you to acquire the funds to register n-Track … there are other methods of mixdown and mastering.

1) Professionally done (not an option with no $$)
2) In the analog domain (analog summing)
3) Alternate methods of digital summing

Seeing as how I won’t endorse a demo work-around, it’s on you as to research and figure out what else can be done.
By far the easiest method would be to beg, borrow or whatever it takes to get the money to register the version that fits your needs.

Good luck with it.


or if you need absolutely free…try Kristal audio engine

To answer your question, there is a student discount for this software. I haven’t seen it advertised but I recently purchased n-track with a student discount for $35.00 at I sent an email into Ntrack asking this same question and I was referred to the regsoft website to purchase Ntrack with student discount so it is legit.

Right. I’m a student too… didn’t know about this :angry: and now it’s too late goes back to eat his pasta with salty water.

Wow, I never knew about that either. Flavio sure is a generous guy!