Is XP O.K?

Operating Systems

I’m reading a lot of stuff on this forum about instability, esp. with the newest version of n-Track. Should I be concerned about installing this thingy on my XP Office-equipped PC?

2GHz Celeron
512MB DDR400 RAM
All-In-Wonder Graphics card
Tascam US-428
Disabled Internet capability, no anti-virus, etc.

Or should I perhaps grade-back to Windows 2000… or W_98?



XP should be dandy. (Of course, no one can quarantee everything works just fine in one particular machine…)

Personally, I have XP Pro (sp 2) and everything works great.

1.2 GHz Celeron
512 MB
ATI Radeon 9200
EMU 1820
ESI GigaStation
Universal Audio UAD-1
(yes, three sound-related cards!)
Internet connection thru external broadband router/firewall

XP is the shiznit here. Win98SE was ALWAYS troublesome for me.

XP Pro SP2 with AMD Athlon XP3200+ 1GB RAM on an ASUS A7V600 MOBO. EMU 1820M soundcard. n-Track V4.0.5 Build 1845… works GREAT!


PS 2- 80 GB Western Digital HD’s. One for OS and one for audio data files. Standard IDE ATA100 buss.

XP fine and dandy here too.

XP is just fine with me, though I’m on version 3 of ntrack. I found Win98 to be much more buggy.

However, I have found the real determinant on how successful n-track runs is dependent on how clean the operating system is. What I mean is this. I ran n-track on XP for a year, on the same machine my wife and kids used to do endless number of things, downloading stuff and installing and uninstalling many programs. After awhile, it started to get buggy, first with specific plugins, then, just problems in general. I recently reinstalled XP with only MS Office, Winamp, and DSL. It works great! The family has been warned. NO DOWNLOADS! No new programs, etc.

Ideally a separate partition for ntrack’s exclusive use would be best. Keep it clean. I suppose the registry just gets too cluttered after awhile. I have not tried any registry cleaners, but may if problems resurface.

I use Win2K at home on my DAW & all my custom DAWs have XP Home on them for my clients.

XP works great for me.

I liked 98SE, but was having some problems with USB and WDM, but XP works wonderfully.