is your PC / Laptop up to it ?

audio crackles and pops - vista problems

link to sound on sound forum - re free PC timing (not audio) latency checker - real eye opener this one is - application is downloadable from first post in topic -…#588140

Dr J

I got an error on that link Wabbit… that’s how bad my laptop is????

looks like the link does not work when going from one forum to another - try copying the link BETWEEN BRACKETS - close n forum paste link into browser and try it that way -
once it opens then save to favourites to returm easily - well worth it -


Dr J

here is the direct link to the DPC Latency checker download page -

here is an alternative link to the info on application - look for dpc latency topic

Dr J


Thanx Wabitt - D …

My laptop only spiked a yellow once. I sent it to my DAW machine to check it out.

Thanks again.

I hope you can get real time results from closing aps/processes.

Did you read over the tips on the website? DPC latency spikes are usually caused by a poorly written device driver or MOBO chipset issue. There was a big hullabaloo about a new Gigabyte brand MOBO that was giving really lousy “real-time” performance. They had to address the problem at the BIOS level.

Check out the tips on the website and nuke some devices one at a time to see which driver is causing the spike.

My trusy, dusty long in the tooth AthlonXP 3200+, Win XPPro system puttered through the DPC test just great. This old box has been a fine machine.


I don’t read D - never learnt how.

I followed up on Woxner’s post about EndItAll though.

See it here.

The new release of EndItAll = TaskPower : for people like me who don’t like to read and click things one at a time and hope for results. That’s what software’s for.

By the way - I think we’re getting close to needing a Chat ap here. Didn’t you suggest that Doc Wabbit?

That way D could insult everyone in near real time - HAW!!

Just kiddin’ I love ya D :laugh:

Come oooonnn Poppa W. I wouldn’t insult a feller… I often grab the “toys”, break 'em and THEN read the information. Quite often while cussing myself…