isn't there a way...

to cut out some measures

so this seems kind of confusing. i can’t find a way to simply remove several measures from the middle of a song. i’m working with midi in this track, so when i try to delete a section, it simply clears the track of data, and the only way i can see to then get rid of the empty space is to drag the data in each track from within the piano roll editor. isnt there simply a “delete bars 23 to 27” function? what am i missing?..

AFAIK, there is a way to do this, although it is a bit awkward and cumbersome.

1) open the Piano Roll of the track - turn the Grid on (easier to paste, then…)

2) mark all the notes in the Piano Roll in the measures that you want deleted, and delete them, or use the Eraser tool to do this.

3) mark the notes in the rest of the track (i.e. the ones after the erased bit)

4) cut out the notes (they are now in the clipboard)

5) go to the measure where you want the track to continue - paste the notes there.

This is probably not the only way to do it, but it is what I do when I edit midi in n-Track (which I rarely do)

regards, Nils