Issue with the Metering

Build 2565

Hi Flavio and n-Track Users:

There appears to be an issue with the metering of build 2565 …
the latest build…
The reply meters(the peak meters does not reset as the files on the timeline continues to play…
They continue to peak-or-sum… (RED LINE) as the time line scans the file…




The repro of the file sounds normal…It’s the (Outside) meters that are giving an incorrect reading… The inside or RMS meters are indicating a Normal Response… AND… As the file plays the CPU Meter in the order of 4 x’s the normal reading… One stereo file on the timeline on my setup normally reads 0.3% It now reads 1.2%…

Back Again:

If I were to make an uneducated guess, regarding the issues…
I’d say the peak meters are not re-setting… They continue to SUM…
the readings
Is that the correct terminology ????


I’ll add a bunch of mix down tracks into n to compare them side by side.
say 5 songs all muted.
I’ll solo one and take the mute off another.
And then mute the soloing trk before I uncheck it’s ‘s’ icon so the next track can be heard.
As I do this working down all 5 tracks, the vu meters continue to show the colored image in the vu meter of all the tracks that have been muted.
In stead of going blank in the off mode, it shows a colored image as if it where redlining.
They all look lit, while the one playing actually moves.
It’s been that way for a while now.

Sounds like Toyota had a hand in this.


Thank You Flavio:

The Meters Work fine with this update..
the CPU resources
are back to normal, as well..

Merci buck tooth..


Nice catch there Bill.
I am going to install this version (b2566) so I can start checking out some of
stuff myself.

It’s been so long since I did MIDI with N. When I use the MIDI input from
my Presonus FS Mobile, I have to make sure that the MIDI is set to ‘Always Open’ as opposed to ‘Lazy Open’ or I will not get sound from my input.

But so far everything is pretty good.

nice pre’, 7.