is it?

Is is; “bata boom bata bing”? or "bata bing bata boom?

Where’s the down beat?


Where's the down beat? :laugh:

No paradiddles?
:laugh: Thought phoo was good for a ratta tat tat at least :laugh: You guys are sleepy

Gotta have a Tea Box with a broom handle and a piece of cod twine…
a cider jug
or something like that…

to go with the “ratta tat tat at least”…


Kitchenware is all you ever need. :laugh:

Fetch the jug grandpa I’m groovin now :laugh:

Quote: (phoo @ Apr. 16 2010, 10:32 AM)

Kitchenware is all you ever need.

:laugh: hey; "one mans junk is another mans treasure"!
That guys
d o o z y!
He could collect old tennis shoes and start a shoe department lol