It's 1984 all over again

for me!

Since folks are posting old things, I re-did this song I wrote in 1984, re-done this afternoon in about an hour and a bit this evening - so it has warts - but there you go.


awesome song and recording as usual Tom.


It’s “you” Tom. Nice job! Love the guitar tone. Whatcha usin’? For the guitar tone… I mean… :laugh:


That’s just a strat through the Carr Mercury. Just wire to the amp. I tell you, mp3s suck. It sounds really good in higher format.

Anberay was (is?) the name of an apartment building in Ann Arbor, where I delivered groceries to a rather old person in 1984. There’s a happy topic.

That 'splains it! :agree:
Where’s Zay? Poke 'im in the ear with that one! :laugh:

NICE. Oh you know I agree with you on the mp3 thing… hate 'em I does…


EDIT: And what in the world is SC doing to them? I know good and well you guys don’t post mixes full of pops and clicks but I sure get an ear full when I listen on SoundsucksClick…

Rats! Poppa changed his “title” thing… Hey Poppa?!? Graft what you had onto your avatar and make me a “Don’t mess with an R-tard” avatar. :laugh:


Killer tune! Killer performance! :)

The mp3 is breaking up in parts, but they (mp3’s) suck anyways!

Great job Tom! :agree:

(Dang it, were you in Big Star?)

It is breaking up, isn’t it? Odd. Gotta redo it at a lower level I guess. I really, really smashed this one with the Mixpressor. That might have something to do with it, although it sounds fine on my stereo at home on speakers and headphones. But it does sort of give it the sound of the 45 of “Go All the Way” I had and played until it wore out the gooves.

Mp3 sux.

Big Star forever! ???

It’s been my experience that too much squashage really fouls up the already sucky mp3 thang. I keep the squash out of the kitchen when I know it’s going mp3… Besides I’m not a big squash fan anyway. (Except fried squash, with fried taters, pintos, cornbread and country ham… Boy, I wish I could go to Cracker Barrel for lunch…)


PS Don’t forget the pepper sauce…

Well it’s mp3 so what can ya expect.

(Dub, fried yeller squash with fried cornbread, meal in itself! :agree: )

You guys probly don’t even save yer bacon grease - fry’n wannabees…

Save bacon grease?

Yer kiddin’ right?

Man I sip it straight outta the frying pan! :laugh:

The closest I get to bacon in my house is those snacks for my wife’s STOOPID DAWG!


PS They taste AWFUL!

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

My cousin just kiltd some hogs, hmmmmmmm, homemade sausage! :p Dang I'm making myself hungreeeeeeeee

I actually remember my dad sayin’ about a neighbor - “That man sure can render”.


Now days it don’t mean the same thing but it’s still a compliment.

[can we trash a thread or what?!] :handshake:

Thread Hi-Jackers R-Us :laugh:

Rendering (No Dub it ain’t Reaper)

Do dem kilted hogs play bagpipes? Tom might have a song for 'em? :laugh:


PS Oh man… flashback…

Several years ago we were doing a Christmas play at church. Big elaborate deal, constructed all these sets, lights everywhere… all kinds of junk. Anywho, I played a wise man (imagine that) in full desert robe garb and all… So we’re backstage hiding behind the set waiting for our cue, I look over to my bud who can do Sean Connery’s voice to a “T” and said “Dude, you look cute in that dress.” He sez in Sean Connery’s voice “It’s NAWT A DRRESS! IT’S A BLOODY KILT!” Our cue dropped at that exact moment and I tried to stifle the laughter… Afterwards, my wife said someone told her “Your husband did such a good job. He looked like he was actually crying.” I was…

PPS Sorry Tom, for wrecking your awesome song thread!

Yea - sorry Tom… It will happen again though. Gonna go get me some Cracklinz.