It's a Girl!

My daughter delivered her 2nd child at 3:37am Jan 28th 2005. A baby girl. This is my fourth grandchild in 4 years. The band is now complete! :D

Now what guitar do I buy for this one? Hmmm

Congrats Grand Yaz Pa!

Babies are great especially when you can send 'em home when you’re tired of them! :D :D :D

I’m thinking an LP Junior Double-Cut with P90’s…TV Yellow.


Congratulation and enjoy she Yaz!

Blessings for your new grandchild. What´s her name? Just curious, beeing father of two babies not very time ago, choose a name was always a trouble, and every time a new baby i custom to ask his/her name, to have more choices for me. Im not planning to have more babyes, but, i still curious.


Congrats Yaz!

Anything but a Les Paul. :D

Hey Yaz - that’s great!!! I sure hope I live long enough to see grandchildren.

Mr Soul

Very cool Yaz, congratulations. A blessing on your family.

A guitar huh?

It’s a short scale so she can start at about 2 years old.


Thanks all, her name is Eavenly Grace, (Heavenly without the H).
All great suggestions on guitars, she can’t have my TV yellow Paul. Doc, that is a cool looking geetar for a little girl!
But, I think my daughter would steal it from her, LOL.

P.S. Tom, she can have 20 LP’s if she wants :D

Or maybe I can keep one or two for meself.LOL

Quote (YazMiester @ Jan. 28 2005,12:19)
Or maybe I can keep one or two for meself.LOL

Well hey.....gotta keep gramps happy too...right?

Nice name BTW!


Congrats man! God bless you and the new grandbabe. Eavenly, huh? cool. She’ll be one of those girls who are always a bit mysterious because of their unique names. But it will be a pain for her in Elementary School. You wouldn’t believe how much trouble people had with Kyle. And I mean TEACHERS. But good luck!

S. Kyle “The Infamous Fish” Davis

True about names we give our kids, both my kids had normal run of the mill names, but my grandkids all have “different” names, Odin, Seamus, Padriac, and now Eavenly.
But at least none are named Dweezil or Moon Unit One.
Now I just need to observe who will wind up playing drums and bass, and possibly keyboards.

Ah but it will be so cool, cause now when the drummer gets outta line (no offense phoo), I can just make him/her go stand in the corner! TIME OUT! LOL:D