It's a good day for Democracy...

Two items:

Padilla must be released or charged, federal judge rules. I’ve been following this for a while and this is indeed good news for US citizens at least.

Justices abolish death penalty for juveniles. I’ve always hated this practice of arbitrarily treating a jevunile as an adult one day, and not the next. A jevunile is never an adult - plain and simple!

Mr Soul

You saw the four who voted in favor of states rights to execute children? Renquist, Scalia and Thomas of course, but also O’Connor.

Despicable. But I would not say that it is a victory for democracy, since what the court did was make it unconsitutional to pass laws allowing the practice. It’s a victory for individual rights, those silly limitations on democracy that bother Scalia and Thomas so much. :)

The Padilla case is more significant in this respect.

Agreed - individual rights it is.

Weren’t those the same justices that said that the counting of votes in FL should stop in 2000? Funny - how they weren’t interested in state’s rights in that ruling :p

Mr Soul