It's a miracle

my cold got it’s butt kicked

Nastiest tasting stuff on the planet. But it works.

For all my cold suffering friends.

Yep. That’s good stuff. Mine has moved into my chest though… If I don’t shake it off pretty quick like, I’m going to the Doc and getting the needle… I don’t have time for this crap!


PS I may take a hit of that foul tasting Alka-Seltzer mess anyway, if it’ll KNOCK ME OUT!!!

Nothing — NOTHING – tastes as bad as this stuff, but it is one of the best OTC cough suppressants around (Buckley’s DM). Seriously, on both accounts.

I call it Bucky’s Cat Wizz, after the Get Fuzzy character (the kitty anti-christ).

The only way to describe the taste is to say it smells like ammonia and camphor and ALMOST tastes worse than the smell. It has a warm feeling going down that opens up everything on the way.

The website almost looks like a parody of bad medicine, but it is real stuff.

I carry Buckley’s Mixture
(The Original Stuff)…
It’s in my shirt pocket or jacket pocket all the time…
It’s the camphor that’s in it… It says it’s got no sugar in it…
But whatever’s in sends my B/sugar off the scale…

Good Stuff…
Take it when necessary…