It's A Swizz

whatever that means…

In the UK it means fraud, con, swindled whatever, just don’t know if it means the same in the states…

Anyway here’s a new tune…first time ever using N drums and N bass and I like the feel. Tightest piece I’ve done even if I’m struggling with the eq…(help!)

Never heard it on monitors just headphones.

Thoughts please?

It’s a swizz.


you little turd!

I love it… you are a natural son. Another Spreader Craig tune for the old iPod.

m mm mmmm

Nice one Craig!

Good writing as usual. Nice vox, you slip into that falsetto so easily, much like Robbie Williams used to. In fact, if you sent him a few songs, he might not have slipped into the kind of crap he’s produced for the last two albums. Might be a vacancy there mate :)


Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Apr. 26 2008, 7:55 PM)

you little turd!

Man you have a way with words T....I was too tired to reply last night, but I laughed myself to sleep... Thanks!

Bruffie thanks again. I used to like Robbie but he has gone down the pan lately. Wouldn't mind being a few quid behind him tho...

I really struggled with the eq on this and still think things need tweaking, however if no one else notices then what the heck.

Quote: (spreadercraig @ Apr. 27 2008, 1:37 PM)

Bruffie thanks again. I used to like Robbie but he has gone down the pan lately. Wouldn't mind being a few quid behind him tho...

Ditto on both points. Escapology was great, after that....shame!

Poppa.... to be polite in the UK we used to refer to them (turds)as "Richards" as in 'Richard the Third'. You would often see them floating just offshore from Cleethorpes Beach..Ah! Happy times
:) Can't think why I moved to Dubai


lol… didn’t mean to offend you by associating you with royalty… :slight_smile:
I have not listened to this on my big system Craig to see what you may be talking about EQ wise. I’ll tell you though hearing you sing and your harmonies and all - the last thing I think of is the technical stuff.

Don’t mean to be stupid or anything, but I don’t see the song on your soundclick page.

i dunno where be the song go

Just updated it so it should be there now.

My 3-year-old walked in while this was playing and immediately smiled and started dancing his toddler dance.

I listened to it a few more times with my ultra-critiquing-almost-condescending ears on.
I hear a quite well-balanced eq.
I can turn it up and get some ummph from the bass, but it doesn’t cloud the sound at lower levels.

It almost sounds as if you’ve clipped of some of the top end off the lead vox.
Some folks do that on purpose of course.
I’m not sure if it would sound better or not with the high end, not having the control to compare it to.
(There I go rambling again.)

My own personal taste would be to turn the crunch guitar (that appears in the chorus) up a smidge, to help define the chords (especially the last minor chord, which is a great change).

This song’s got great “listen-a-bility”.
I dig it.
I really like how the mix is set up.
Excellent work.
Sorry I couldn’t find the glaring eq problems you noted.
I tried. Maybe the tinniness you alluded to has to do with the cymbal sound you’ve got.
Maybe not.
The acoustic guitars might be tinny out of context, but in a pop song like this where they’re just strumming the chords that’s right where you want them.
I’ll keep checking but it sounds solid to me.
Nice work!

Awesome jdet thanks.

I was hoping your finely tuned ears would have a listen.

I took out some bottom end and it now seems less ‘distant’, more in your ear.

I did also clip the vox, as the ‘s’ sounds all seemed way over the top.

Thanks again for the critique.

I figured that’s why you had clipped the top of the vox, as a de-esser. I often do it, too. Yeah, there’s presence in this mix as opposed to being distant.

Gracious, Craig, be sure to enter that into the soon to be operative much anticipated not to be underrated n-Track song contest. :agree:

I wonder if the chorus vocal could be differentiated from the rest of the vocals with a bit of an echo and a bit of hi end eq lift, tiny bit of a bigger room, or doubling perhaps?

I’ll take a look at that thanks Tom!

That any better/worse?

‘Stereo’d’ the chorus.

Soundin’ good ! why you got the horn line down? I’d like to hear that 3 note line come up.

Ain’t no flies on that one. :agree:

Sorted Poppa…

That’s great.

this is 'mazing! (how the hell do I do that?!)
love the harmonies :)