It the grey that took over the front page...

invading the forum?

Is the grey that took over the front page invading the forum?

keep shinin’

jerm :)


It’s invading my hair too :)


Mine’s been grey so long it’s falling out! :(

But those grandkids will keep you young, no?

I rather like it (the grey forum that is, not the grey hair)

I guess it’s just gonna take some getting used to for me.

You look at something that is the same for so many years…then overnight it changes! kinda shocking.

Perhaps if it had happened gradually fading into the new color (like our hair does) I wouldn’t have even noticed.

keep shinin’


Trust me…when your hair starts going you WILL notice. :)

Too late phoo I’ve got greys all through it, and there is this one particular patch above my right temple 2"X 2" that they all turned at once…lol

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Quote (phoo @ Mar. 16 2007,12:31)
Trust me...when your hair starts going you WILL notice. :)

Phoo, if that avatar is of you you have quite a lot of grey hair. :-) Me, mines just beginning to change which I don't mind.... it's just the grey bits in the beard if I don't shave for a few days.... scary :-)

You be the judge! :)

click to see the big picture

That’s my son and me at Woodstick 2006.

phoo’s avatar bears an uncanny likeness to the real thing. Hmmmm… maybe he’s got a South Park type body :laugh:

Yes…I’m trying to make it no be so ROUND but I’m not getting too far.

Just in case anyonews wondering…yes…I do resemble my southpark avatar.


so no more gypsy guitar god?

I’d settle for that much hair Phoo! Regardless of colour.
Your’s is long… mine’s long gone :(

Yes I agree with Bruffie to a point phoo, you still have a lot of hair, mines not gone, just relocated to my ears and back. And to the top of me feet, can you say 6’4" hobbit?