it was 40 yr's ago today,,,,

brother Jimi taught the band to play…

‘PURPLE HAZE’’ written at the Upper Cut club in London,26 December 1966,

and the rest is history

" 'Scuse me while I kiss this guy… err kiss the sky!"

Hendrix… awesome. Period.


And to avoid confusion at this time of the year, my name is pronounced ‘Hey zus’ and I have no hebrew blood at all as far as I’m aware. :cool:

Just think, Jimi would have been 64 now (getting older, loosing his hair, many years from now. Would we be sending him a valentine; birthday greeting, bottle of wine…etc., etc. :) )

On the other hand, I guy I know said; “If Jimi was alive today, he’d still be dead”.

Make of that what you will. ???


I still remember when I learned Hendrix had died - truly a sad day. It would have been very interesting to see where Hendrix would have gone musically. He had begun to experiment even more with his own studio. What a loss!