Jamstix automation

Doesn’t work…

Anyone have any luck drawing out automation with the “Power Level” feature of Jamstix? I emailed Ralph, who promptly downloaded a copy of N, to verify the problem existed and suggested that I email Flavio. This, I did twice, and received no response.

I recently upgraded to v.5 of N-track, but the problem still exists. For me, at least.

Any takers? :D

I don’t think this problem is new. Emailing Flavio is a good thing to have done, but he may not have an answer for you right now.
It seems he has gone into seclusion to spend all his time on the new Ntrack 6 and we don’t hear from him very much for awhile.
Hopefully, he is working on a solution to the problem.
I can’t get Jamstix to work correctly either.

How do you work around it?


If you are hoping I have an answer, I don’t. There is a tutorial on the JamStix site for using it with Ntrack, but I have not been successful in getting it to work for me - but frankly, I am not very versed in MIDI at all. I keep trying to use it and then ending up frustrated by the learning curve. I own Band in a Box 2007 and PowerTracks 12 with the real drums feature and it has just been easier to use then learning to make Ntrack run MIDI or use Jamstix - as exciting as it sounds. I don’t play drums and programing them is more trouble than it is worth to me. I bought Jamstix because it sounded great - but until I find some program that works more effecently with it . . . So, I just work it out the song with a style choice in BIAB or PT and then have someone play drums or synth later to get a true drum or intrepretation.
As I said, hopefully this is something we will see in Ntrack 6.
In the meantime, If you find an answer - please share.

Don’t know exactly how you’d do this, but can’t Jamstix work off an audio signal too? If so, you could create a white noise track, use the volume evolutions to control the volume of the noise and feed that into Jamstix. I haven’t worked it out, but I figured if I ever got it that’s what I’d try and do. I’d use a volume pedal to control the input to Jamstix and that way I could bump up the volume right before I go loud and have Jamstix be loud at the right moment for jamming at least.

I’ve pretty much switched to Reaper now, and this can easily output any track to any other track so setting it up might be really easy with Reaper.

I’ve been evaluating Reaper for the past week, and it works incredibly easily. Did I miss an announcement about a forthcoming N-track v.6? I’m hopeful that it might fix the problem, seeing how I’ve emailed Flavio about it twice. I just can’t seem to get an answer, or find an instance where v6 was imminent.