Jamstix question????

How does one get a midi file to trigger Jamstix, I got it to work once, but not again, nothing i do seems to trigger it, how do you set it up.

I have been opening JS as a VSTi and then assigning the midi channel 10 to it, in hope that the midi data will trigger it.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

You need to route the midi track to the Jamstix.
I’ve only done it once and not at home PC so only going off memory.

I don’t use midi tracks bu I use the midi automation to control velocity and power play all the time and that works fine.

I think if you want it to actually play the midi drums programmed in your midi track (as opposed to jamming along as if your midi track was some other instrument it is playing drums to) then you need to set Jamstix to be in “dumb” mode so it is basically just a drum module and not making up it’s own drum part.