Jamstix question

In another thread, RichLum wrote:

"if you have you drums in midi format you can feed them into Jamstix and it will play them back with it’s own improvisations etc."

Can anyone expand on how this works and has anyone tried it out.

My usual method of creating a drum track is to start with a MIDI file of a song in similar style. strip out everything except drums and edit it to fit the song I am recording.

Are we saying that I could load this file into Jamstix and it would come up with something similar in style and feel but with its own variations on drum fills etc. What if my drum track already has fills, will it confuse Jamstix or should I just feed in a straight beat?

Could I also load in a MIDI file and let Jamstix make it sound a bit more “human”?

Are there any “before and after” examples of Jamstix doing this?

I’ve heard lots of good things about this software but never heard about this feature before.

I am currently very happy with Sampletank for rendering the drum sounds but would like a better way of creating the beats in the first place.

Thanks for any help.

Very much is possible.
You could even feed your drumless mix to jamstix and have it improvise the drumtrack for you.

Do yourself a favour and download and try the demo.
It’s totally amazing.

I’ve never used midi files to drive Jamstix (I always just use the arranger to put my drum parts together), but I know other people do.
Might be a good idea to ask on the Jamstix forum at rayzoon.com

There is a “Mute Brain” button which is supposed to stop JS generating it’s own notes and only play the notes inputed. Basically turning JS into a dumb drum module that will play exactly what notes you tell it to play and nothing more.