Jamstix updated to 1.02!

Includes an n-Track fix.

Just thought you’d like to know if you didn’t already.

Oh, forgot to mention BIG Pdf manual now available for download! Yippeeee!

Hi etaws:
Is there any n-Trackers that you’ve noticed, on any of the boards that you post on, useing JamStix and n-Track build 1516?

I ask this cause mabey Ralph and Flavio can look into any compatability/operating issues with n-Track build 1516 and JamStix v1.02 And… I’d say there may be quite a camp of n-Track users that are still useing build 1516 that might be interested in getting into JamStix v1.02 Me included…

If this question has already been asked, then perhaps I should go and read all of the replies to these topics…


Yep just saw that update on the Jamstix forums myself.
Printing out the manual now.

Will download the update tonight at home.

One of the updates is a feature request I made on Tuesday to be able to make it do a cymbal crash on the first beat of a bar so hopefully that works well too.