Jamstix ?

How does it work ?

Hi Guys !

Mark A got me thinking about Jamstix recently. Right about the time it came out and everyone one was trying it I got busy with other stuff and didn’t have time to watch the forum.
Now i am curious about everyone’s experience with it. Is is awesome ? Is it easy to work with and adjust ? If you want a simple, non busy drum track, can you get that easily ?
Is it easier and quicker to work with than your typical drum programming software ?

Thanks Guys for the Feedback,

Ted Roberts :)

to all questions yes!

I honestly don’t use it in N (I don’t use N for recording, I use it for other things), but I use it in SX all the time, and it’s great…best $99 I ever spent.

It’s different, but very flexible. Check out some of the demo movies on the website for some examples as to how it works.

I’ve been using it in v4.05 and it seems pretty stable now.
Was a bit crashy originally but both N and Jamstix have released a number of updates since then - some specifically to fix bugs when using it with N.

Haven’t played with the latest build of Jamstix all that much as I’ve been away most of the last 6 weeks and have just downloaded when I can and have a quick play.

I find it a lot easier to use than normal drum software.

The demo is quite good for working out if it will play nice on your system and if you like the interface and results.
It is fully functional I think except the patterns are a smaller set and the output is muted every so often.

It’s an awesome plug-in. I don’t use it with N though. I use it with FL Studio.