I am wanting to buy jamstix but i downloaded the demo and am having a hard time getting it to do any thing,the way it boast im just suposed to record some audio and run it through jamstix using the audio plugin and its suposed to start jamming likie a drummer?
help me see how awsome this thing is.


I’ve been playing with it recently although Richlum is our resident expert.

I’ve had great success in Manual Jam. Just load up some Rhythms (Rhythm tab–> load) and hit Play in n-Track. JS will play along. I then use Effect Parameter evolutions to vary the way it plays.

To get the most form it you really need to read the manual. It’s pretty clear and concise and is an easy read.

I mainly use it in manual mode same as MarkA.
The effect parameter evolutions let you have a lot of control over how Jamstix plays, which is good for putting drums to a song.

If I’m just mucking around I’ll use free jam or keyword jam, but not that often.

What steps are you taking to try and get it to work and what is happening or not happening for you?

Make sure that if you are using an audio input to drive JS you have “Jam with audio” selected in JS.
also make sure you have AudioM8 loaded as an effect in n-Track and it is receiving an audio signal (can you see the needle moving in AudioM8?).

Does the light in JS light up to indicate that it is receiving audio (or midi-whichever you are using) data?

Do a search on the forum and there was a lengthy post a awhile back that I detailed the steps I did to get it working in N.

Some of those steps are probably no longer required as Ralph from JS has made a lot of improvements since then.

Also I don’t think I was using the effect paameters then either…