There was a Beatles cartoon? (apart from Yellow Submarine).

Well, it never played in the UK, thank god! :D

Otherwise we would probably have come over and burnt down your White house (again). :p


I gotta say it… That’s a Hoot… hehehe3h… But they got the border all sowen up… The only way to get in there to do that would be, on the back of a turkey… :p :O

Sorry you guys… :laugh:

It was an major network Saturday morning show, and NOT anything like a Yellow Submarine kind of thing. It was the older suit wearing fab four. It wasn't very good. About all that it worth was to hear the voices trying sound Liverpoooodlian

It was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid!!! Batman was right up there in later years too. How cool was the gummy shark from the movie.

I always wanted to be Ringo.

I never did notice the credits on that show… Do you figure it was a British Poduced Program?

Do you figure it was a British Poduced Program?
The Beatles was American, and the guys doing the voices were American and British. I think it mentions it on one of the.

After some hard attempts at remembering way back then, the reason I didn't like it was that it seemed like nothing more than a vehicle to play a Beatles song and I expected a lot more. The banter between the guys in the band was stupid...that was my take at the time....the way I remember it.

I didn't realize MTV had been rerunning them a few years ago (one website mentions it). I'd love to seem them again to see if they were as bad as I remember....they probably aren't and I have a much larger liking of The Beatles these days.

I love to be able to sit down after along days work and watch Batman too. I use to do that every day after school for a while....and Wild Wild West - another classic theme song.