Jim Croce cover demo to test system

recording feedback requested




I just built a recording studio and am now using a Firepod interface and condensor mics. I would like feedback on my recording technique.

I mic’d the guitar with a MXL 993 pencil mic at the 12th fret and the bridge using an AKG C2000B. The AKG mic was also run through a tube preamp.

Vocals were recording using just the AKG mic.

For effects, I have some reverb on the vocal/guitar recordings and some slight delay on the vocals along with reverb. For the instrumental, it has a long reverb. That is about it.

Thanks for any feedback.



Care Free Highway:
Nice guitar playing. Everything sounds balanced and the vocal track sounded pretty good too (just a tad bit thin).
Other than that, it’s really good.

Jamie Instrumental:
Again, beautiful guitar playing…really. IMO, too much verb, it’s too far. Maybe a faster decay…? If it were closer, it would be a bit more intimate.

What is your acoustic? It has a nice sound to it.

Thanks for the feedback. I am working to fatten up the vocals.

That guitar is a Takamine Sante Fe model. He was using the new Phosphor Bronze Elixer strings.