Job for MicroSoft

less is more

Wouldn’t it be great if MS took the XP OS and stripped out everything
that wasn’t related to music production. WinXP for Music.
Just a host OS for DAW’s and plugins + IP. None of security BS or
3/4 of the stuff no one needs or wants. Or at least have an option
to install just those items. Cost for them - zero. Cost for us - $50?
Plus a lot less bulk and overhead and headaches.

Actually 7o’11 someone has already done that for us. I have not had time to try it out myself. I can flog a link for you though… hang on…


The above link will carry you to the Reaper forum. Lots of guys are reporting success with this stripped down XP and I hope to give it a whirl sooner or later…


See here as it already exists. :wink:

Heh… beat cha’ to it Bubba… :p

Have you loaded it up on a system yet?


Why you guys been sandbaggin’ that?

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Feb. 04 2009, 11:51 AM)

Why you guys been sandbaggin' that?

Causin' I ain't tried it myself. I wouldn't offer you my cookin' if'n I hadn't sampled it myself... :laugh:


Because, if we link to the “other” we are chastised. We’re pariahs for associating over there… even if the mouse trap is better and this is just another example.

I used 98lite back in the day. Probably got me another 20% or so performance which on a PII350 made a lot of difference.

TBH I don’t really see the point now - cpus are so much faster than back then and I still don’t really max my (3 year old) machine out with my biggest projects. But I can see that it might help some people who do lots of VST(i)… but then that’s what freeze is for ?

That’s pretty cool - Thanks for the link D and Bubba!
Man with the Net out there - I’ll never have an original
thought again. Oh well.


I'll never have an original thought again.

I thought I had an original thought once... but then my wife came home. Straightened me out real quick like...


Because, if we link to the "other" we are chastised. We're pariahs for associating over there...

This is true?
I don't see it that way - not in the "anything else" part of the forum.
One thing about getting older you learn to be tolerant of folks who use a different recording software. :agree: