John Edward's biggest win as a trial lawyer

What a terrible guy he is…

Edwards won a $25 million settlement for an 8 year old girl who had her intestines sucked out of her by a malfunctioning drain cover in a pool. During cross examination, Edwards got the company to admit there had been problems & injuries associated with the drain.

This girl is forever hooked to a machine & almost died.

Every case Edwards fought, he would get nothing if lost.

Thank God we’ve got people as good as Edwards fighting for us!!!

Did Junk Science Make John Edwards Rich?

Edwards’ Malpractice Suits Leave Bitter Taste

Remember - before we got & villianize trial lawyers, it’s the jury that awards these settlements. Villianize the jurors not the trial lawyers.

Man - Edwards was good though! I wished I new him when the doc/insurance company choose to have my son prematurely delivered at 36 years (instead of going to term). My son has had Sensory Integration Dysfunction & ADHD. Although it’s not conclusive, premature kids have a much higher rate of these problems & I believe his early delivery may have contributed to his problems.

But the insurance company wanted my wife out of the hospital after she was at bed rest for 10 weeks. They didn’t like paying the bill anymore.

Edwards and the likes of him is why I can’t afford to pay for health insurance anymore, and why we have to wait for months to see an OB.

Yeah… he’s good. He’s good at what the best lawyers are good at, and he’s extremely wealthy as a result. And he promises to bring these skills to the White House! Yippee!

No it’s the juror’s whom you have to thank.

Don’t forget the 8-year girl who had her intestines sucked out of her. If Bush et al. have their way, this girl would not have received the money she did.

Four of Edwards’ top five wins are honorable cases, it seems. It was his campaign against doctors based on a mistaken assumption that is now completely (to use one of your favorite words) DISCREDITED that did all the damage. You pick one case and cite it. How about lining that one - or those four - up against the dozens and dozens of Cerebral Palsey cases that he won against what are now recognized as innocent OB/GYNs? That doesn’t seem to bother him a bit - or you.

He is skilled at manipulating a jury. This qualifies him for office? It certainly qualifies him to campaign, it seems.

He is skilled at manipulating a jury.
He can manipulate 10 people?

Gotta take the good w/ the bad Pete. We're better off w/ him than w/o him IMO.