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Sez it all… really…

Got my son a new laptop for school. He’ll be off to college soon. Nice machine but for a couple o’ flaws, it has Vista on it AND Symantec Internet Security Suite. (Gagamaggot…)

First order of the day - Get rid of anything Symantec…

1) Run the uninstaller
2) Reboot when prompted
3) Vista complains it can’t startup properly. System repair? (Oh CRAP sez I…)
4) System repair
5) Vista now starts but thinks Symantec is STILL fargin’ INSTALLED!
6) Go to Symantec’s website… what’s this? I have to download a special program to get rid of Symantec? What the heck is this???
7) Download proggie… run proggie. A few reboots and Symantec is gone and good frickin’ riddance…

Next chore - Anti-virus to replace the God forsaken bloat bomb I just spent an hour trying to be rid of…

1) Download AVG Free
2) Install AVG Free
3) Done. 5 minutes and virtually pain free.

Next chore - Install Office 2007

1) Insert CD
2) Enter license key
3) Wait for three quarters of an eternity…
4) Hey… it claims it’s done!
5) Just to be sure everything is cool… restart the system again.
6) Oh brother… Vista complains again… %$#@#$!!! D#$N Microsoft!
7) Oh, I see the problem… there is a trial version of Office pre-installed! Why didn’t the “genius” programmers at Microsnot program their installer to check for such things? No problem sez I… I’ll just uninstall the trial version, get to a good clean slate, and install the Enterprise Edition and be DONE with it!
8) Control Panel > Programs > Office Home and Student Trial Edition (Hmmm… yep that’s it!) UNINSTALL
9) The uninstaller barfs a message saying I don’t have rights to “C:\Config.msi\74653.sumthin’ or other” I’m the friggin’ ADMIN for Pete’s sake!!!
10) Open Explorer AFTER going to Control Panel > Folder Options > Show Hidden/System Files/Folders… (I feel carpal tunnel coming on…) I “unblock” access to the folder. Cool. The uninstall procedure begins working! For 1.3675 seconds. Bang! "You don’t have access to “C:\Config.msi\1234.whatever” BAck to Explorer, “unblock” the folder… Repeat until death is imminent.
11) Finally… PRAISE GOD, FINALLY… it’s uninstalled.
12) Reboot… for 33rd time… geez it takes forever…
13) Okay, Vista is up and ready to go… I think. Insert CD, run setup, ten minutes later Office 2007 is installed.
14) Reboot…(34) just to make sure (geez it takes forever…)
15) All seems good. I’m done. Here you go son! Enjoy your new laptop. I am going to bed now. It only took from 1800 to 2200 to install two programs that I have installed on countless XP boxes in about ten minutes.

Summary: I HATE (not necessarily in this order)…

Microsoft Vista
User Access Control (UAC) (whoever came up with that absurd abortion should be lowered into a vat of hydrochloric acid a centimeter at a time until he/she is totally consumed)
Symantec in sum and total… their products, the buildings they occupy, the ground their buildings sit upon, the air in, around and above said buildings. The acid dip would be too friggin’ easy on them.

Sorry for the rant but I had plans to work on a song tonight but spent the entire evening installing TWO stinkin’ “little” programs.


PS Vista sucks.
PPS I tried turning off UAC. Vista didn’t want to start. “System repair?” Oh brother… just shoot me now. Right between the eyes…

I’m rollin’ here…

It’s only funny 'til someone gets hurt - then it’s hilarious!

Sorry D. I cain’t heps it.

Word of advice to your son - LEAVE IT TURNED ON ! Vista can’t stand to be turned off - the keyword here is “sleep” Vista likes to sleep.

You’re such a great dad! :p

I feel your pain D, but am laughing along with Poppa LOL.
Your first experience with Vista, someone should write a book! T’would be a best seller.

Symantec (Norton) and McCafee, I think they invented virus’ to create their own jobs, hate 'em both! It’s a conspiracy!

Back to Vista, it has made the computer more personal again, yep, I personally cuss it twice a day! Thing is it ask me 3 times if I really want to call it that name! ROFL :laugh:

Yaz (gimme that sledge hammer, I can fix it!) :agree:

Guys, I work with PC’s all day, everyday doing various tasks, maintaining them etc… So it’s not like I’m a total noob. I NEVER had these kind of problems (**) with Windows 2000 or XP. (NT 3.51 is a different story…) But the level of sheer frustration and “non-sense” I was put through last night is ridiculous.

Oh well… life goes on.


PS **Except for the Symantec crap. Their way of so embedding their stuff into YOUR PC is pure stupidity. I once lauded their stuff when was “Norton Utilites”. They had some good stuff going back then…

Same here D - I maintain 2 networks, with a total of 7 pooterz. The only one with Vista is my recording computer, and as I have posted previously it doable, but 85% of my frustration comes from one system. But you also must remember historically (how else would you remember) how long it took misrosnot to get win 31 - win 98 - win XP to where they were solid.

I hope you never have to work with Vista after a crash in the middle of a project… it was no joy. Took me the entire month of January to strip Vista of all I could to make it even want to do what I wanted to do. Taming a beast is what it is. I eagerly await any service packs they want to deliver.

Excellent, really enjoyed that.
I share your frustration/hate of all microsnot & symantec.

Oh, if only we had an alternative to choose from.

Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) is out, I have downloaded the 65 meg on dial up, only took 4 1/2 hours. Cold boot up time has gone from 5 mins to a little better than 2 mins now.