July 4, 2005

one hour in my back yard


This is a one hour snip of the sound as heard in my back yard in Bellevue, WA. This snip was done from about 9:30 to 10:30 PM.

I did a full 2:10 24 bit stereo recording - 2 Marshall MXL57 in a stereo configuration. That was almost 2 gigs of waves.

The hour has been converted to WMA (128 bps) so it’s right at 56 megs - it should stream if you have a fast enough connection.

It’s been master limited (Classic Master Limiter) to knock down the top 30 db (three passes), so you can still get the basic effect without blowing out your speakers. No EQ or anything else to alter the sound.

Almost all the background sound is I-90, which is right across the street, from the front of the house. So, bring up the volume so that background is about where normal street sound would be, then imagine the big booms being 20 to 30 db louder than they are on the posted file and you’ll be get the picture about how loud some of those booms were.

Peak actual recorded level was in the -6 db range for the loudest booms. I was simply lucky that the pads were down low enough to handle them. Past experience went a long ways into setting the level…but it was mosty luck. I put them were I thought they should be then turned them down another notch…lucky.

Huh? Is this supposed to be like Lennon’s baby’s heatbeat or something :laugh:

It was the 4th of July afterall?!?!

phoo, you must have had those mics in my backyard.

I am SOOOOOOOOO TOTALLY ANNOYED with my neighbors. :angry:


My house sounded about the same (PDX,OR), like vacationing in Baghdad for a day. The later it got the louder it got until about 3:00AM.

At about 17:40 and 19:00 it sounds like a table saw?? Construction project at 9:00 at night?

But now we’re back to normal - the farting of hoopdy mufflers, and the muffled “thump-thump-thump” of braindead teenage bass heavy car stereos. - Home sweet home.


The saw(er) was a street over. One of my neighbors has recently put up a fence and planted a row of firs. Whatever he was doing was behind the fence in the dark. I mentioned to my wife that there’s nothing more patriotic than celebrating the 4th by using a circular saw by the light of fireworks. At least it wasn’t the sound of a wood chipper.