just a start

any feedback on my diddy? Thanks!


Not much to go on, but so far so good. Nice balance to the mix. Will standby for an update.

What there is sounds good. I’d say that it needed an arrangement (verse, chorus, middle 8, whatever) and vocals, then it would be good to hear it again.

Thanks for listening! I know it needs more to be a song, I was just excited to get something “on tape” to listen back to. I just wanted to see if I was on the right track(so to speak). Hopefully I’ll find some more time for my next inspiration.

How many record a one verse, one chorus, and maybe a bar of a bridge or background lead part and then just piece them together to build the song? Is it easy enough? Is this what most people do? That was my approach on mine, but iwas wondering if there is a better way.


I haven’t laughed so hard since I first saw ‘Spinal Tap’ many moons ago. :D

I start off with the drum track (which I’ve created to go along with my guitar track), then play guitar over it until I’ve got it right, then add bass, then guitar overdubs, then vocals and anything else interesting. By the time I lay down the drums I’m pretty certain what the arrangement will be. I’m sure others will be different though.