Just a thought?

about n’s professional use.

How many of you guys make a livin’ out of music? And does n-T have a place in your work?

Beer, anyone ???

I certainly don’t make a living out of music…but I’m seriously considering a mobile demo service…ie. I call to people’s homes and record them with my little set up.

I’m sure it’s good enough for any singer songwriter out there!

Quote: (spreadercraig @ Sep. 15 2009, 6:20 PM)

I call to people's homes

You call them on the cell tellie?
Or are you using you vehicle? :laugh: Just don't get busted!
Quote: (spreadercraig @ Sep. 15 2009, 6:20 PM)

I certainly don't make a living out of music...but I'm seriously considering a mobile demo service...ie. I call to people's homes and record them with my little set up.

I'm sure it's good enough for any singer songwriter out there!

Like minds Craig :) .......I just advertised Bruffie's recording servive. "Record your singing voice as a gift for your loved one" "Make a demo for potential gig opportunities" etc.....

I just got off the phone from a group that wants to track…
However, I don’t expect to or use my setup as return on anything I have invested in my setup…
It can be disapointing if you expect to make a living only to find they take your product and go down the street and use your work as a Ghost/Demo to retrack the work you put into their project…

Never expect a return on your investment, therefore you have nothing to loose…


Hi Bill. It was just a thought about n-T’s viability. After listening to all the talent posted here - I was blown away. I’ve only, recently warmed to the fact that a pc can be trusted for recording. I don’t have aspirations to making a living from music any more than I have. But I help-out with a local, music collective and looking foreward to some quality ‘tune-grabbing’ with n.

Several guys that I’ve tracked and made music with have left us and are in a better place…

I’ve yet to do anything proper and constructive with n-Track…
The last stuff I’ve recorded was either on two inch tape or one inch tape…

I sure wish my music friends were around to see what’s possible with this computer stuff…


Hahhaha. Here’s my equivalent.


I used to use it for paying customers… But as demands increased (higher track loads, more sophisticated effects, the increase in popularity of software amp simulators, etc etc etc) I’ve felt that n-Track hasn’t been up to par.
Even an optimal configuration of n doesn’t perform as well as the stock configuration of REAPER/FLStudio/Tracktion 3 on any of my four machines (all dual-or-more-core machines).

Also, I don’t feel the interface quite works for me anymore (yucky overlapping windows!), and it’s a bit short on features - track routing in REAPER not only allows me to use VSTis more efficiently, but opens up a lot of sonic possibilities that n-Track couldn’t fully take advantage of as of version 5 - perhaps that’s changed in 6.

Anyway, I’ve not used n for any serious work since 2004 - this is around the time it started lagging behind the competition, in my opinion.
However, in the late 90s, it was definitely my favorite, and certainly the centerpiece of my studio (with a bit of help from Cakewalk 6).

I’m seriously happy to see that it still exists, but at the same time… I am surprised, considering its shortcomings in 2009.
However, as Clark McDonald used to say, YMMV.

YMMV = Your mileage may vary.

If you can’t be Former Member Gone, teryeah, you wish to be Clark Mc’Donald. :laugh:

You can do a lot with nTrack tony.
I would sell my services to make demos with out a guilty conscious.
I mean if I where into that.
Not with my present mastering abilities, or I should say “lacking mastering ambitions”.
It’s a perfectly fine program, especially for staring out. Much will depend on your DAW, if you’ve got the horse power to pull the load.
I’m trying to make a living with it, but I’m also going about it in a funny way. :laugh:
Not with a studio and services, but by trying to sell my music for my retirement yrs. It isn’t easy to do.