Just curious...

Is there any reason I should set the Bpm in n-track to match my drum machine’s Bpm? I never have, but I’ve been thinking too much lately.


The bpm in n-Track will control the spacing of the grid, which makes lining things up much easier.

Also, with the tempo set right you can sync your drum machine to n-track via midi. This means that you can re-record your drum drum (in sync) if you want to change anything (eg patterns, sounds, volumes) later in the process.

Setting the tempo in n-track will ensure that the drum machine is clocked at the right speed and as Cap Dam says, will help you line up with the grid. However, if your record the drum mahine “free wheeling” you’ll have to line up with the grid manually by moving the wav on the timeline.


Thanks for the responses! I was going to edit my post and call myself a dork, as “real” drums aren’t recorded and Bpm’d, but I guess my question did have some validity. Thanks.

If your live drummer is playing with a click or guide track then the grid becomes a very useful - I’d actually say essential - tool for modern recording and nonlinear editing.