Just got started with nTrack

Newbie intro.

Hi. I had a little trouble getting started, but it seems more stable now and I’ve successfully recorded to simultaneous tracks…albeit a grotesque attempt at my intro to nTrack.

I’m very excited about finally purchasing a multitrack recorder for my computer. I used to use a Tascam 2488, but the stupid thing crapped out on my just after the warranty was up…how convenient. This was after I spent a god-awful amount of time understanding how to use this piece of hardware.

I’m hoping to have a long history with nTrack.

Please be patient with me. I love to post, post and post questions like gangbusters…it is the most effective way for me to learn.

I’m totally pumped about this.

welcome to the forum :agree:


Fire when ready Griddley! The only dumb question is the one not asked.

I’m somewhat “out” of the n-Track loop, but there are a buncha really swell people here who can help you out on stuff I can’t remember or whatever…



Welcome aboard! :)


nTRACK VIDEO TUTORIAL Howdy and welcome!
There is also an nTrack “how to video” on youtube that could help you.
Wait, think it’s also on the nTrack download page.
But questions are good!

Thanks folks. I’m a long time drummer and hope I can provide you info re: how to best utilize the drumset in exchange for info re: nTrack.

:agree: Great!
You might consider changin your username to like POT or somethin
Just kiddin of course. When people ask me if I thin I might ever start smokeing again, I always reply; "sure as soon as we legalize pot". Professional driver here, I get ramdom drug tests. Darn

One of the other Forum Subjects here is titled “Anything Else” check out a post by Phoo titled “Chickenfoot” thers a vid in that thread you would appreciate.

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Yeh - maybe change it to ‘batf’ or something.
Welcome to the jungle :)

Hi YoU:
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Just step on their sneekers and grind on them..
Especially this guy..

Nah... you don't have to step on ol' Diogesneez... I'll just sit over here in the corner and watch...


Not enough good drummers in the world… :)


Not enough GOOD drummers in the world....

Yes sir... PLENTY of lousy ones... I get to play with those quite regularly. :disagree:


No Question…
Lots of Piss-and-Vinegar…
Young kids…


Hey guys…this is a 7 month old thread…I posted on it by mistake and brought it to the top… :laugh:

Quote: (spreadercraig @ Oct. 06 2009, 5:17 PM)

Hey guys...this is a 7 month old thread....I posted on it by mistake and brought it to the top... :laugh:

Shoot... Craigerspread... it ain't like we gots anything BETTER to do... :laugh:


PS I usually just talk to myself but here lately "we" are fighting too much!