Just loaded n-Track

Getting various error messages & …

I finally got all the software problems figured out yesterday. I recorded a few songs with just rhythm guitar and vocals. But I’m getting a lot of different error messages. I’m using a Tascam US 224 DAW with a Compaq PC (900 MHz processor, 128 RAM, 30 Gb drive). Here are some of the messages. Has anyone gotten similar messages:

#1 “Error Sending Sysex”
#2. On opening N-track (sometimes) “Error opening MIDI in Device” I click the OK on that popup twice, then “Error unpreparing MIDI header when closing device” followed by having to hit that OK button twice
#3. Sometimes when I stop recording a track “Createcd has caused an error in OLE32.dll. Createcd will now close. If you continue to experience problems try restarting your computer” then click OK folowwed by a popup “Critical error” OK

Is it my PC specs? Settings in n-Track? Settings in my PC?


Not sure about all those messages, Kernix, but you shouldn’t be getting any error messages. I’d guess…
1. The install didn’t go well
2. You don’t have N configured correctly.

Visit Preferences (Ctrl-P) and the MIDI Settings tab. Make sure you have valid selections under the MIDI Devices button.


kernix, I once had that Midi error message. Like Teej, said check your preferences, midi settings etc. But also I had that problem once by mistakenly clicking on the midi icon on the toolbar at the top. In your midi preference settings if “Keep Midi devices open” happens to be checked I’ve found that same error message. I would keep this off until the need for midi use is needed. I am just getting all my soundcard preference settings squared away, I am still very new to N. I am not using Midi yet, no need yet, but the progress I am making daily keeps me amped, so keep truckin’. Good luck, Bob