Just n-track, free plugs and your help!!

This shows what can be done…

I am continually amazed the the kind of results that can be acheived with n-track and the selection of free plugins that are available:

Listen to the my track ‘Maybe I’ HERE and let me know what you think!

The other invaluable resource was the advice obtianed from you so thaks to you lot too :slight_smile:




I am very impressed with “Maybe I.” I love the chorus section. Your voice sounds great – what plug-ins do you use for the voice?

Great job – why don’t you have a record deal? :slight_smile:


Yeah…you have a great voice…it has lots of character.
I’m listening on some cheapo headphones at work, so I cannot comment on the sound quality accurately, but so far it sounds great.

Thanks for the comments. The vocals we recording through an optical compressor pre-amp. the only processing done after that was a bit of reverb( Ambience)