just need playback help

hearing live through monitors

normally, i am just recording myself and listening through my headphones on n-track. i have my mixer and all that hooked up to my computer, and now i am starting to record bands. i cant seem to remember how to get what the bands are playing to come through my speakers while i am mixing in the other room… basically i am trying to hear what they are playing through my monitors. where in the program can i do it? i turned it off a while back but i cant remember where to go to turn it back on. please help me. thanks a lot.


also i am not getting any level detection through my recording or play vu-meter… i must just be doing something wrong?

You can select the sound card you wnat to record from and the sound card you want to plyback from in the Settings > Audio mennu of Ntrack. If you are playing back from another aplication then it may have it’s own settings or it may use the setting in Windows - control panel > sound