Just noticed Bruffie hobbies...

hobbies: Dwarf Throwing, Plastic Surgery

I was listening to one of his beautiful pieces of work really into it and went to his main page saw his hobbies and laughed for 15 minutes.


Bruffie you nut! :laugh:

LOL… Well it seems they are self propagating hobbies… throw a dwarf, fix him/her up, throw again… wash, rinse, repeat.

Bruffie’s my kind of people. We’d get along great in the asylum.


Well thanks for the…er kind comments!

Have to say the dwarf is getting a bit uppity recently, but already told him ‘there’s 6 more where u came from’, seems to have quietened the little bugger down for the moment.

At least it’s not “dwarf surgery”.

The Olympics coming up

Dwarf Throwing