Just put a second track up.

Hi folks,

I have added a new song on to soundclick, and feedback is muchly appreciated!



hey, listened to the two songs you have up. i really like your style… would like to hear more.

comments on laserbrain: i like the distorted background guitar sound you’re going for. songwriting - i found the song a bit repetitive for the amount of lyrics and changes. i think it needs to build to a chord change near the end, or some kind of bridge or solo where the chords change for at least a little while. mind you, i’ve done a few songs very similar to yours in their simplicity. i think there’s a place for those kind of songs as well.

take the suggestions or leave them :wink:

Thanks, I do need to finish off the songs and add chord changes to make them a bit more interesting.

Cheers for listening.

You’ve got a great voice and I think it’s a very nice style music you make.


Thanks man.