Just released my CD!

spanish guitar instrumental music

Well folks, I finally completed my debut CD. Phew, this project took ages.

A couple of people here wanted to know when the CD was released, I hope they are still all reading the forum as its been a while (and I think it was in the N -track music review forum that I originally posted my early mixes)

Full details, including links to current online retailers in the US and Europe can be found at my website here:


Whole project was of course recorded, mixed and mastered in N track and this forum gets a credit in the album sleeve notes due to the huge amount of help over the years I have had from people like learjeff, phoo and too many others to mention.



I’ll bet that the fruits of your labors will be sweet and plenty,sounds good man,and to know that ya did it with ntrack alone is a smile in itself.

bet ya can play a mean “third stone from the sun” on that thing,cant ya!

Congratulations Mutley! I always enjoy your music, top quality one.

Congrats. Sounds nice. Great playing. You might want to post this over at the ‘music’ forum as this was about to get bumped from the first page. Posts will stay on the first page longer in the other forum.