just sent bug report RE: midi fader master channel

guys, just sent this to flav. anyone else in this boat?

i used the midi fader/control setup to setup a midi fader. It worked great. All of my track volume faders in ntrack send and receive midi info to my fader hardware. When I assign the master channel 1 volume to a fader, ntrack will receive from the device but will NOT send to the device. I have confirmed this with midi-ox (a program that allows you to see what is sent/received). I do have both send and receive checked in the set up box. is there any way to set this up correctly?

i am floored.
within 24 hours of reporting this to flav… he fixed it an issued a new build. I will never use another multitrack program again. (unless someone is paying me too :D )

tape op is goinig to hear about this.

yeah, i’ve experienced the same thing lately… i’ve been putting off purchasing v4 for awhile because of a few things… there were some visual changes that i didn’t really like (and i didn’t have the option to go back to how it was), and also there were no huge feature additions that gave me, personally, the need to upgrade.

well, i helped whine about the lack of freeze a few months back, and guess what… we have freeze now!

last week i reported two bugs and made a feature suggestion… all three of which were addressed in builds 1754 and 1755… just a day or so after my emails.

i will be purchasing v4 after freeze is out of beta.