just thought I'd share...

I thought I’d post a link to a piece of a song I made today and see what you guys thought. nothing special… :)

The Song

thanks :D

no thoughts? I guess it’s too heavy for most n-trackers huh? :)

Not too heavy for me. :D

Reminds me a lot of Disturbed. Are you multitracking the guitars on this track? How many times? Are they from a POD or something? What are you detuned to? Sounds somewhere around drop Db to me.

The drum sounds are really nice. Are they a loop or individual samples that you’ve built into a track.

Now you got a cool first riff you’ve got the hard part; finding another cool section to go with it.

I really like that riff it just needs somebody to have a good bawl over the top of it. Will you be adding some atmospheric keyboards low in the mix, or are you are a straight guitar rocker?

Nice work. :)

That’s some good stuff, g69. Now…what’s next?

it’s my vetta II. I have about 5 tracks of guitar. 2 panned left and right, with the intro riff panned center. the bass guitar is pretty crappy sounding, my bass needs new strings pretty bad.

the drums are sampled from ns kit I think. I use Drumsite to put them together.

I’ve got the next note already, I just have to find the one after that :)

it’s drop D. but I haven’t tuned up in a bit, so it may have drifted a half step down.

I’d like to get some keyboard stuff too, that’s why I’ve been asking about
MIDI lately. trying to get past being just the guitar rocker and go full production.

I’ve heard most of the Line6 stuff in the flesh but never a Vetta II. I use a PODxt for practice and recording, but I’ve got a Tri-Axis based rack system that I use for live.

I love rock and metal, but I don’t get to play it much. Most of the sessions I am asked to play on are either pop or funk. :(

I’m a keyboard player too for my sins. I was really lucky because the school I went to had an excellent music department. Over the years I learnt to play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and erm trombone. :D

I play guitar and bass. I am dying to get a real drumkit and a keyboard. I used to play clarinet, but I don’t think I’ll pick that up again :)

The vetta II is awesome, but I sometimes wonder whether I should’ve got the pod xt pro though, since it’s more geared towards recording (especially with the new model packs). If the vetta had the “room” control like the pod’s do, I think it’d be better for me. the only other thing I wish worked better was the double tracker, it just adds phase issues and doesn’t seem to help unless your speakers are very from each other.

At first I though how the heck the guitar sound is so hissy, until it bacame very clear when I was picking up the pieces of my eardrums after the other guitars etc joined in. :O

I’m going to sue… :laugh:

lol… I’m sorry, I should’ve warned about the extreme change in dynamics.

I really like it, for me it’s go rock or go home…

gracias mi amigo :) now I just need to write some more…