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Some accordion music

Something to brighten your day. :D


Did you see the commercial (during the Super Bowl I think) where they had a young Jimi looked at a guitar in a window & then looking across the street as an accordian shop? He picked the guitar & the rest is history. It was funny!

Yup, could he have made a worse decision?

The accordion has worked out well for Weird Al. I wouldn’t complain.

I liked the song, Bubba, like a breath of fresh air and well-executed. Although now I’m in the mood for pizza.

Snazzy! Great song, Bubba. Triggers the ol’ happy endorphins.


Hrm, I guess I only posted this the first time on Audio Minds. Well, glad you had fun with it.

NICE!!! I really like it!!! Good mix also.
Funny story for you. I’m in my 30’s and was having chest pains.Went to the doctor to find out if it was a heart attack. Turns out I pulled my diaphragm muscle learning to play the accordian:) My hats off to you!!!

Well, if you’re gonna get hurt, might as well do it playing accordion. :) But me thinks you are working too hard. Let the bellows do the work.

This is an enjoyable listen, bubba. Am not a big accordian fan, but in your hands, I’m glad to hear that the instrument lives on. I’m sure it’s a big hit at some of those street fairs that you perform at. With the right atmosphere, I can imagine that it really gets an audience movin’ and groovin’ to the beat. I also enjoy the Weird Al comedic use, and think that “Alternative Polka” is one of the best uses of accordian that I have heard, but yours is a close second bubba! :D And that commercial with the young Jimi choosing the guitar shop over the accordian shop was just too funny for words!

BTW, that whole track is MIDI. There is not a real instrument in the mix. I wish I could play like that… :)

that whole track is MIDI.
What do you use to program midi that gives such good results?

Um, n-track. It is a full blown sequencer you know. Got questions on MIDI, ask me.

I like it, Bubba. It really does brighten things up a bit. LOL.

I like the song-- its really tight and precise. did you use some effect on the accordian to get that those tight like 16ths or whatever??? heh, either way sounds excellent!!

Got questions on MIDI, ask me.

Thanks Bubba! I am really just started getting "my feet wet" with MIDI a week or so ago in a round about way. I've been doing my own research on some of the 50's hits that ushered in the age of R&R, and then came across some of them as Karaoke MIDI songs. I downloaded them to listen to the notes and timing, so that I could get my own arrangements for vocal and guitar in better shape. Didn't realize the potential of n-Track for MIDI. And I'm also a novice at knowing what to do with a sequencer. I'll have to start playing with this MIDI format somemore and see if I can start incorporating it into my own recordings somehow for more instrumentation.

Remember, MIDI is only as good as the sounds that it triggers and the person who programs the sequence. I would say 60+% of all the music you hear on TV and radio is MIDI, especially drums and strings. So a good sequence mixed with good sounds is very convincing. If you play back a MIDI file and the only sounds you have are the Windows MIDI mapper sounds, it will sound like cheese every time.

As for the 16th notes, I didn’t do anything special other than adjust the attack envelope on the particular samples I used to 0.

If you play back a MIDI file and the only sounds you have are the Windows MIDI mapper sounds
That's probably all I have. I am using a freeware MIDI player recommended on several of the MIDI song sites I found called something like "VanBosco's Karaoke Player" and when I play a MIDI song in it, I do get a Window that opens up and shows me the names of the instruments that are playing, and their changing intensity. Even though it probably is a "cheesy" sound compared to what I could get if I knew how to use a sequencer, I must admit that I am still at the "Wow" stage of being impressed by it. Hopefully over time I'll push myself to learn more about it. For my next recording, which I'm taking way too long to get to, I plan to do a cover of an Everly Brothers song. I'll probably just default back to my method of using my Zoom PS-04 recorder and its builtin drum and bass patterns, because this project is more about creating my version of the song itself, and I'm getting anxious to get on with it. But I will keep MIDI in mind, with a good sequencer, as something to study up on. And you say 60% of all music on TV and radio has MIDI in it for the drums and strings? That is an amzing statisitic! In past recordings I tried to add "strings" or "horns" with my old Yamaha keyboard synthesizer line in to my PS-04, but folks reviewing those recordings would always say something like get those out of there, they sound so fake! The temptation that MIDI may give me more convincing "strings" for my recordings is very compelling.

Well, 60% is an out of my butt statistic. I don’t know an actual number, but if I had to guess…

Anywho, here are some links to things that were done with 100% MIDI by folks other than myself. Remember, MIDI is just a triggering mechanism, not the sounds. You could use MIDI to run your garage door opener if you really wanted. The sounds are a totaly different thing.

NSKit example

So this is why it kills me to hear folks bash MIDI. This stuff is all done with 100% MIDI. I think MIDI sounds pretty good if you know how to work it.

Great sounds Bubba. They all blew me away! The instruments did sound clear and human played to me. The “Choir” one definitely made me thing of soundtracks to action movies. The “Virtual Guitar” sounded just like someone strumming away on an acoustic. I suppose that once one gets to a certain proficiency level with MIDI, then little things give it away here and there, but I couldn’t discern any clues. I do know enough about MIDI to understand the triggering mechanism bit, bbut the business of which soundcards work best with what sfw, and anything about using a sequencer, are just out of my domain right now. Thanks for the examples. And BTW, that’s a pretty talented butt you’ve got there as well! I’ve never gotten any statistics out of my butt; the only thing I ever get out of there…oh wait, this isn’t the “Anything Else” section! Never mind. :D