Juvenile humor...

Man, did I laugh at this one. Just too funny. If you like TV evangelists, you might find this offensive so be aware.

Farting Preacher


Ah yes…there’s no humor more straight-to-the-point than the good ol’ fart joke. Sillyness, irreverence, tastelessness, defiance, and much more, all in one act even a baby can perform. It’s truly a thing of beauty. Just yesterday I was with my wife and kids trying to coach my 8-month old into say “Dada”, to which he responded with the big “BRRRRT!”, with no less than perfect comic timing. Had us all rolling. Guess I’ve never outgrown that…don’t know if’n I ever will…



Yep, Mike, that’s pretty juvenile. Funny thing is, I thought they were outtakes for the first few! :D

I did too Tom when I first saw it. But then I thought, "Where are they placing that microphone?"

It’s good to know that even when you are almost 50, you can still get a good laugh from a fart joke.


I’m hearing something very powerful for someone…



FWIW, my minister father-in-law thought it was hilarious, and he’s way over 50. :)