Kerry sightings !!

And it’s not even Halloween yet

Mmmmm … Still not sure

Herman ?

Shazaam, Gomer ?

Or, the Lurchurian Candidate ?

And it’s not even Halloween yet :laugh:

Ali bin Gali :cool:

John Kerry - just a regular guy …
(who only pays 13% in taxes)

Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania - Assessed value $3.7 million

Ketchum (not ketchup), Idaho - $4.7 million

Washington, DC (Georgetown) - $4.7 million

Nantucket, Massachusetts on Brand Point - $9.18 million

Boston, Massachusetts Beacon Hill - $6.9 million

Here is an estate in Italy, recently sold to actor George Clooney, just before Kerry announced his run for president. $7.8 million.

And this Liberal Elitist wants to Raise YOUR income and capital gains tax … ???
If he wants class warfare, BRING IT ON!

Tax Hypocrisy

Tax Hypocrisy: Kerry Makes the Case for Fundamental Tax Reform
by Richard W. Rahn
October 28, 2004

Senator John Kerry keeps telling us that “the rich” need to pay more in taxes, and he proposes to raise the marginal tax rate that Americans with earnings in the two top tax brackets would pay. But the small amount that Kerry and his wife paid last year in taxes demonstrates the error of this approach.

The Senator, for Example
Senator Kerry and his wife are among the 400 richest Americans. Last year, they paid only 13.4 percent of their declared $5.5 million income in federal taxes.

" Hey, can I get me a huntin’ License ?"
paid for by the Liberal Hypocrisy Party

A few more sightings.

Quote (ksdb @ Nov. 01 2004,16:37)
A few more sightings.

Oh no !!!

It's an epidemic :p