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I have a new goal in life…

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And no posts? 'Sup Kevin?

I just hate to see a fine example of attempted humor go to waste.

if only it was humorous my good friend,but i am afraid it isnt,infact,it is a downright scary symptom that is sweeping the tracker nation as we speak,the deadly WPS( wont post syndrome). it affects trackers from ages 9 through 99,and knows no racial or gender barriers , no forum is immune from its ruthless attack,and in recent studies has shown to have spread the world over
but there may be a happy ending to this particular story …
as recently as last week kevin was logged in during the earliest of hours,a bewitching hr ,if you reason to get ahead of ourselves here,but this is usually the first sign of a recovering WPS patient ,or one that is making an attempt to tear down the walls that are built during a full blown WPS episode.
as members of the Ntrackers community we must stand beside these folks untill they can once again walk beside us in this mess of a thing we call a forum


I had no idea… honestly. Kevin, my apologies buddy. I too have had to deal with a misunderstood health issue. Momma taught me better than to make fun of folks.

My sincere wish is for you to get better and not have these WPS outbreaks. I was only trying to help. Forgive me? We can help you get through this though I’m sure there’s a local WPSA group where you live.

and lets not forget to make mention of the other destroyer of our communities ability to function at more of a expected capacity,the often hushed,denied and mistreated forms of TBS(TRACKERS BLOCK SYNDROME)which I myself am currently self medicating against. :O

So which Kevin Meyers that Google shows is the REAL Kevin Meyers?


I find myself having brief periods of WPS.
Even though I have hundreds of posts, I can go a long time between posts - and I am here several times a day, everyday just to see wassup.

Some people here have really given me some great help in the past, so I will prolly stay for the long term - even if I’m not posting…



I had no idea my lurking was being monitored, or that it is actually just a symptom an obviously dreaded disease. With help, I’m sure I can beat this thing.

Honestly, I set this forum up as my home page when I first became interested in ntrack. I never really thought about entering the discussions, though I did pick up a lot of tips on using ntrack, and for computer-based recording in general. Also, I enjoy a lot of the humor, and appreciate what a great community of music minded folks this is.

I don’t have time at the moment to figure out all these “Code Buttons”, but I promise to post a song or two sometime in the near future. Right now, I gotta get ready for a coffee house gig in another hour or so. God bless.


Well boys I can die in peace now - my life goal has been reached.

Sheesh that was easy…

Wonder what else I can get done? :D

I suspected you were one of the good guys Kevin - thanx for putting up with my sense of humor.


Any other cases for Dr. Willis?

Doc Willis, it hurts when I do this. (flexing elbow back and forth)

Yaz :cool:

Well don’t do that…
(you put the lime inda coconut… and call me inda mornin’… wooo wooo)

I bet with a beverage of choice that elbow bend won’t smart so. Ooh, I just got a fantastic idea-I’m thirsty!

Here’s To Kevin!

And here’s to all you guys, even if you did start the party without me :laugh:

Now… let me take a look at these buttons

Ok, so the elbow bending is the source of the problem?

Btw, welcome to the forum Kevin!

Uhhhh, I put de lime inda coconut and threw up all over the coffee table, can’t call Doc Willis cause the wife got so mad she threw the phone at me (shattering the handset on my thick skull) and gave me a slight concussion (even tho that’s my normal state of mind) thus causing me to fall on the floor landing on my good elbow. Now it hurts when I do this too (bending other elbow to make peace sign) :peace:


Quote: (spreadercraig @ Apr. 17 2008, 5:41 PM)


Any other cases for Dr. Willis?

Is there a cure for too many posts? (Self-referential comment, just to be clear...) :D

No one will ever have your posting record :agree:

Well, there were some folks 'way back in the day…