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delay between the key strike and the sou

I am just starting to experiment with using my Roland EM-15 keyboard as a midi controller. I got it to sound the Plugin instrument on my computor ok but there is a small delay between when I hit the key and when the note sounds. This makes it hard to play very effectively. Any suggestions? Is such an interval adjustable?

The delay you are experiencing is the time it takes for your soundcard to convert the keyboard signal to the sound you have it set to.

There are other ways, but I leave it as is (usually grand piano) and don’t change the sound until I am through recording the track. Then I plug it into whatever soundfont I am looking for.

I have never tried it to record drum tracks which is another thing all together…

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Your other question:
Yes, it is adjustable by setting your buffers differently… Someone else will have to explain that… :)


Which soundcard? Gotta start with the facts.

Cliff is close but not quite correct. First, this is called “latency”, and it’s caused by buffering.

It’s not “the soundcard turning keyboard signal into sound”, because if you’re using a VSTi or DXi plugin, the software is turning the keyboard signal into audio. Audio gets buffered between the software and the soundcard hardware and that’s where this delay is.

The simplest solution is to use the ASIO driver. If you’re using a built-in soundcard, install ASIO4ALL and use that. You pick drivers in “Preferences -> Audio Devices”.


soundcard turning keyboard signal into sound",

software is turning the keyboard signal into audio.

I need to stop posting in this forum…


hey, don’t give up!

It does happen that way when using an SBLive or similar card that has a built-in synth. It’s just not the case when using a VSTi – or at least, it’s not what’s SUPPOSED to happen in that case.


Hi Cliff and Guys:
I use my Roland D-5 synth all the time for Drums Keys and to control my Roland J-55 Sound Canvas… for whatever voices I can scrounge from whatever other sources I can find.

However, I have never used the D-5 for MIDI-to-n-Track recording… IT’s always been as an analogue out signal source… to the sound card I am useing, at the time and analogue… One Track at a Time… IT (the Track) requires some editing, but no sequence/sequenced editing… If that’s the correct term…

So jeff, If I record these tracks as a MIDI event, would that make the overall quality of these tracks improve?