Keyboard as Midi Controller

trouble with n-track crashing

Ok - this topic is similar to one just a little below, but not exactly.

I have a Yamaha PRS-293 that I want to use as my MIDI controller. This keyboard uses USB or Midi connectors for I/O and I have been trying to use USB.

Any time I try to use the MIDI input in n-track, I get a windows hourglass and n-track is “Not Responding”. It also hoses up my USB connection to the keyboard and I have to reboot in order to get the computer to recognize the device again. If I try in n-track to use the MIDI input, I get the exact same results every time. I have the “keep MIDI devices open” checked in the MIDI options.

OCCASSIONALLY, I can get sound out of the speakers just before it crashes, but not always.

Is this a problem with USB/n-track? Am I showing my newbie colors and this is a no-brainer for the rest of you?

My keyboard didn’t come with MIDI cables, so I’ll have to stop at RS on the way home tonight to try those instead of USB. Maybe that will clear up the problem? If so, that will work, but that means I have to keep my keyboard disconnected from the USB port anytime I’m in n-track.


Well, I see that no one has jumped in on this one. I don’t know if that means I’m being too stupid to warrant an answer or if it’s something no one else has dealt with and don’t know how to answer.

Either way, I stopped at RS last night and got some MIDI cables. When I got home, I tore open the MIDI cable package and went around the back of the keyboard to plug it in…no MIDI jacks! My keyboard is so cheap it doesn’t even have a MIDI I/O! It uses only USB for I/O.

I tried ONE MORE time to get my USB connection to work with n-track and this time it worked! I believe my problem may lie in my USB ports on my computer and not with n-track or the keyboard. Before trying this time, I changed the keyboard’s USB port from a USB external hub to one of the ports on the back of the computer which is wired directly to the motherboard.

Not having a MIDI I/O may limit me in some ways, but as long as the USB I/O works just like as if I had MIDI I/O it might be easier to deal with.

Thanks for looking!


Did you install the MIDI drivers that came on the CD with the keyboard?

The docs in PDF form at Yamaha’s website have pretty good detail about how to get things going. The MIDI drivers are available too if you don’t have them.…upId=20

Yes, I’ve had the Yamaha drivers installed long before n-track. Also, the Yamaha software allows me to monitor the USB I/O of the keyboard to verify it’s connectivity (on demand).

I did get it working. I have to use 16 bit because my USB is only 1.0 and I think that’s what was causing n-track to crash. Not enough thru put available for the USB connections.


16 bits only wouldn’t be a 1.0 USB problem since you are doing only MIDI I/O via USB. That would be related to you audio cards settings or drivers. There could be some interactions between the USB MIDI and your sound card though. I’d go out on a limb and say there shouldn’t be any, but it’s not out of the realm of posibility. I’ve seen odder stuff happen. Glad you got it working. AH!! Is you sound card USB also (not just MIDI)?