Keys Track Needed

cirkus dvd-cd

The keys did not get recorded when cirkus played in May. We had a guest musician sit in on two songs on keys. Since his parts were no recorded we need someone to lay down replacement tracks for at least one of the songs.

What song – Kashmir (I hope you can see why it won’t wrog without keys)

Why didn’t they get recorded? Silly me forgot to switch the mic cable going to the other guitar amp for those two songs.

Why can’t the guy that sat in redo them? Simple. He doesn’t want to, and won’t.

Time frame? Soon. We had hoped to have the DVD finished before Christmas. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. The audio is fully mixed and ready to go except for this.

Anyone want to give it shot?


kashmir mid keys
May need to change bank and tempo and key but there’s a start :slight_smile:

Quote: (phoo @ Oct. 28 2009, 12:57 PM)

Why can't the guy that sat in redo them? Simple. He doesn't want to, and won't.

Hi phoo:

That's a shame..

I can almost see why he doesn't want to do the overdub..
I think it places him under the magnifying glass..
It'll be something he'll hear forever, if he does it..


It’s not that. He’s simply too busy, and I understand why (very important day job and some other issues that are a timesink). For that matter, now is the time to make sure a good performance is out there forever.

If he was worred about sucking he wouldn’t have gotten on stage with us. :whistle:

Yeah, this is one of those ‘is it cheating’ times. We have no choice since the track wasn’t recorded. It’s either punch it in or not put the song on the DVD.

Somehow I gathered that in the post…

It’s still a shame if he’s unavailable to do it…
Do you remember the KEYS Guy that used to be around here????

He did some Fender Rhodes Samples (VSTi’s) last year or
was it two years ago ?

If I could only remember his name…

He used to post up here, all-the-time…


LearJeff and I use his rhodes soundfont a lot.

You’re correct…
Why I was unable to remember his handle…
is beyond me…

This guy is quite the Keys Man… :)

I believe…
although I don’t know what flavor of music he specializes in doing…