Have you seen this yet?

New Sweetwater Video - Dock of the Bay

:laugh: Another hyper kid on Christmas morn. He's got it workin!

Fascinating, but don’t think I know anyone who could play it.

Sweetwater is using him to show off the new Real guitar plugins from Musiclab. They do sound great!


This is cool. In this vid, keytarist extraordinaire Jeffrey Abbott performs Otis Redding’s “Dock of the Bay” with MusicLab RealGuitar 2 software — he’s using his MacBook Pro to run RealGuitar as a Logic MainStage plug-in. With RealGuitar 2, you can really pull off those acoustic nuances. It’s a sweet tool for the stage — also great for the studio. Follow the link for more info: Real Guitar 2 at
:laugh: Wonder when they'll have a singer and producer betas ready?

The singer is already here. Myriad Virtual Singer

Here’s another Delay Lama - Singing Monk
5-10 years they’ll have it down.

Looks like that guy could play anything he wanted to!

Love the singing monk :agree: I listened to the myriad singer demo…I think we’re safe for quite a while :laugh:

Didn’t Spock have one of those for serenading Kligons? :cool: