KIA to Georgia

new auto plant

New KIA plant to hire 2500, Asian infusion in GA. Sooo if the paycheck works at the bank, sooo soddy GM.

Ah-so… Welly-come to Nu Sowf Detwoit gwasshoppa… :)

We have Hyundai, Mercedes, Honda and Nissan in the neighborhood and now KIA over in Jawga…

JOBS! Bring 'em…


…and Boeing is being outsourced to the foreign countries of Russia, France, Japan, California and, in the future, South Carolina. We true blue Americans on the specific left coast are a pallbeared.


We’re gonna see a LOT of reshuffling going on… I think even tougher times are ahead of us all no matter where we live.

The good news is, I owe very, very little to Mr. Banker so he can smooch my hairy back-side. :p The ones I feel really bad for are the folks up to their eyebrows in debt living paycheck to paycheck. Did they think the “joy ride” would go on forever and ever?